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Integrated Services

Freeman Companies offers a range of land development, engineering design and construction services.
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Land Surveying

Conducting the research and performing the required field work to establish the groundwork for solid design.
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Environmental Sciences

Achieving the synergy between client objectives and preservation of environmental resources.
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Geotechnical Engineering

Evaluating subsurface conditions to determine site suitability for earthwork and foundation construction.
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Civil Engineering

From planning and design development to ensuring that construction activities are performed in accordance with the contract documents.
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Our value is the sum of our professional experience, relationships and expertise. 

Freeman Companies, LLC is a strategic collaboration of professionals.  We are individually strong, and collectively stronger.  We design integrated, comprehensive solutions to the challenges posed by the environment in which we exist. We know how to take a project from the proverbial "Point A to Point B". We understand that the preferred route is often a straight line, but when a straight line isn’t possible, we will navigate the best alternative course to arrive at the endpoint. Freeman Companies was founded on the principles of exceptional service. While there are a lot of firms that make this same claim, in our words, it translates to saying what you mean, doing what you say, and loving what you do.

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