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#MONDAYMOTIVATION - Rohan Treks Across Greenland

March 6th, 2017

He did it again! From February 13th to the 23rd, Rohan conquered the elements once more by participating in Greenland Expedition: Polar Experience.

Beginning in Kangerlussuag, Rohan and a group of travelers he’s met on previous arctic adventures trekked across the icecaps amounting to a 75 mile journey.

Traveling anywhere from 5 to 17 miles a day, the team managed to set up their campsites every night when they lost sunlight at around 5:00 PM, sleeping in wet sleeping bags while temperatures dropped to -30 degrees. “Starting the trip sick and having to walk around in -39 degree weather didn’t help,” Rohan notes.

Though he was literally reaching new heights, Rohan finds the experience “grounding.”

“I wanted to see more of the world, especially the road less travelled. Being able to play on the ice caps, see the Northern Lights, and see a part of our planet so few have been to is both glorious and humbling.”

Rohan “doesn’t count” the number of expeditions he’s been on. There are many more planned for the future, including running the Marathon Des Sables, climbing the Eiger, Matterhorn, and Monc Blanc, and trekking to the South Pole. Welcome back, Rohan!

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