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Expedition for Opportunity Travel Log 5 - Trek Day 3 Moisture Management and Micro-Climate

April 15th, 2016

Expedition for Opportunity Travel Log - 4/15/16 – Moisture Management and Micro-Climate

It is brutally cold today!! The coldest day so far. My phone froze before it could take just one picture. This is the last time that I will talk about the cold. It will always be cold and I'm adapting well, sometimes better than others.  Survival here is a matter of mastering your moisture management and creating a suitable micro - climate. Moisture management is obvious - fluid intake, sweat control, etc. Getting wet anywhere could lead to a very serious case of frostbite that will definitely ruin your day. Micro-climate is creating your own weather, regardless of the external weather. Using the correct techniques can be an effective way to combat the cold if done right.

My sled got heavier overnight. I was mad at it this morning and let it know. It, in turn tried to drag me backwards. By afternoon I was apologizing to her and I took back the unprintable name that I gave her. Her new name is Bobsled to make her think that she's supposed to be light and fast!!!  I will let you know how it works out! :)

Lots happened, including some arctic drama with a lead crossing, which I won't talk about here except to say that Julia gets major kudos for the day. BTW, she's having the most fun here, is probably the strongest and always has a huge smile on her face.

We put a lot of time today and gained 10 nautical miles, 24 total for the trip. We are now 40% done! Every day starts and ends with a team meeting, including safety briefing. That was needed today.

The Arctic is, by far, the most beautiful place that I have ever visited. Yes, it's a harsh environment, but the experience is worth it. The horizon seems like it is right in front of you. With every step it looks like you are about to walk off the face of the earth. We're surrounded on all sides by a shallow atmospheric layer that lies just beyond the horizon. Every moment of the day the sun is to our left and the moon is at our backs. The scenery is pure white. The interaction of the ocean and ice creates the most impressive ice sculptures that I have ever seen. Yesterday the sun had just one concentrated beam pointing directly down to the earth just over the horizon. The beam was simultaneously flanked by two rainbows equidistant on both sides. The rainbows stopped at the exact height of the sun!!! I took several pictures of this as well as some of the ice sculptures when my fingers could brave the cold.

Things are going well here. Till tomorrow!

Check out the video below to see an example of a team crossing a lead in the arctic Ice. Remember to Support the Boys and Girls Clubs of Hartford, Camp Courant and The New Children's Museum through our GoFundMe Page #Trek4Kids https://www.gofundme.com/Trek4Kids



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