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Expedition for Opportunity Travel Log 4 - Trek Day 2 - Uphill All The Way

April 14th, 2016

Expedition for Opportunity Travel Log - 4/14/16 – Uphill All The Way 


Excited to Start The Days Trekking  
Breaking Down Camp

Happy We Trekked Over 10 Miles

It warmed up a bit today!! We woke up to semi-whiteout conditions and cloud cover, which traps the air, hence the reason it's feeling warmer. Good for our collective morals. -20 is warm here!!! BTW, the difference between a white out and clear skies is how far you can see white, because everything is white!

We got in a full day's work and covered 8 nautical miles, which is about 10.5 miles. Pretty good considering the day we had. We also drifted 1 nautical mile as we slept last night. We started off with 5 straight hours of pressure ridges and sastrugis. Skis on, skis off, pull, push, lift the sleds over, around and through the obstacles. But the good thing about it is that we get lots of rest.

The last 4+ hours was much easier terrain, but not easy. We still have lots of bumps and hills to navigate. The bad thing about easier terrain is the minimal breaks, but we gain ground. It feels like I am constantly climbing uphill and getting pulled backwards by the sled. I'm motivated to eat to make the sled lighter. I found my rhythm today. Lots of Cool Runnings jokes were hurled my way. Feel the rhythm feel the rhyme, it's pull the sled to the North Pole time. Kiss my egg! Sanka, yu ded mon? Ya mon!

Too much to share with this limited blog, but come hear about it at my presentation. Wouldn't it be awesome to take some Hartford kids on a field trip to the Arctic??? I can dream! Shout out to Camp Courant, The Boys and Girls Clubs of Hartford and The Children's Museum!!! . Till tomorrow!

Watch the video below to learn more about Sastrugis one of the most frequent obstacles Rohan is encountering. 






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